Student Life


不管是想要有所作为还是仅仅是想交朋友, you can distinguish yourself at LBWCC by taking an active role in campus life from the moment you arrive.

各种规模的学院都要求领导策划和组织活动, 在运动场上竞争, 管理他们的校园. 社区大学的众多优势之一, however, 是否有大量的领导机会对所有寻求机会的人开放. At LBWCC, you'll come to know leadership firsthand when you experience it in multiple contexts - social, 运动和学术.

有20多个学生组织和俱乐部, LBWCC提供了很多参与和享受乐趣的机会. 看看我们提供的一些学生生活服务吧:


LBWCC is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) for Men's and Women's basketball, baseball, 垒球和女排.

Fine Arts

在LBWCC的安达卢西亚校区有一个艺术项目,提供绘画课程, painting, 二维设计和三维设计. 我们也有戏剧艺术课程,以及音乐表演课程.


There are a variety of events held each year in which LBWCC students are encouraged to participate. 这些活动包括“星星下的老葡京手机app”资源 & 招聘会、筹款活动、领导力活动、女士聚会. LBW Pageant, homecoming, Saints Days, bonfires, lunches, 教育项目, holiday parties, special performances and LBW Ensemble concerts in the Dixon Center for the Performing Arts.

有关如何参与校园和社区的更多信息, 联系凯蒂·金, 学生主任 & 社区参与: or 334-881-2236.