Lurleen B. 华理士社区学院基金

Lurleen B. 华理士社区学院基金Lurleen B. 华勒士社区学院 (LBWCC) 基金会 was formed in 1970 with the purpose of promoting and supporting the programs and activities of Lurleen B. 华勒士社区学院 and the students of Butler, Covington, Crenshaw and surrounding counties.


The LBWCC基金会 is a tax-exempt organization described in Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). 捐款是免税的.


A volunteer board of directors composed of local citizens governs all aspects of the foundation, 包括筹款, 投资, 以及奖学金的分配.

Directors of the LBWCC基金会 are dedicated to providing leadership with integrity for the preservation of endowments, 投资增长, and aiding the financial needs of students attending LBWCC.


Many students attending LBWCC are the first in their family to attend college, or pursue any type of formal education beyond high school.

Even though tuition at LBWCC is a fraction of the cost of that at universities, the cost can still pose a financial hardship for some. 通过提供奖学金, the LBWCC基金会 can make a difference in whether or not a student can attend and/or complete a degree or certificate program of study.

The annual deadline for scholarship applications is usually around the first of March. Apply for foundation scholarships through the online institutional scholarship application packet found at from January until the deadline each year. LBWCC基金会 scholarships apply to both traditional and nontraditional students (those who are 21 years of age or older, 获得普通教育文凭, or graduated from high school more than one year ago).


双录取 scholarships are awarded every year to high school students taking courses that count toward both high school and college credit. 每学年, scholarship applications are made available online with deadline submission dates.

  • 学历双录取: A limited number of academic dual enrollment scholarships are provided through funding by the LBW 社区学院 基金会 and Wells Fargo 基金会, Applicants must submit the application package by the due date to be eligible. 奖学金 cover one college course (up to three credit hours) for one semester. Although high school counselors work with students to complete an application package, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure the College is in receipt of their application.
  • 技术双招生: The State of Alabama provides funding for career technical dual enrollment students through the Office of Workforce Development. For more information on applying for technical dual enrollment scholarships, call 334.493.5320.


Create a legacy by establishing an endowed scholarship. Monies donated for an endowment remain untouched, with investment interest used to fund scholarships.

The first step to creating an endowment is to contact a member of the LBWCC基金会 Board of Directors, or simply call representatives of LBW 社区学院. 老葡京手机app如下.


The LBWCC基金会 is funded entirely by donations and gifts from caring donors who are committed to helping LBW 社区学院 and its students. 所有的礼物都是免税的.

There are many ways a donation can be made:

  • Donations from individuals or community organizations
  • Corporate support from the business community
  • Planned giving -- gifts arranged now but taking effect in the future, such as bequests


Tribute gifts are nice ways to recognize others. 捐款25美元或以上, the 基金会 informs the family or honoree of the donor's kindness with a card, but the amount of the gift is kept confidential.

  • 在内存中 -- Take time to remember or honor a loved one, someone you treasured, with a memorial gift.
  • 为了纪念 -- A gift can be made on behalf of a friend, 同事, 或所爱的人, or to salute a special occasion such as birthday, 周年纪念日, 退休, 或毕业.
  • 人寿保险 -- The LBWCC基金会 may be named the beneficiary in a life insurance policy. A suggestion is a permanent type of life insurance where the donor need only sustain the policy for a minimum number of years until the policy dividends are equal to the annual premium.
  • 遗产 -- An excellent way to perpetuate a cause you believe in through a properly executed Last Will and Testament.



For more information on the LBWCC基金会 and its programs, 或向基金会捐款, 请联系:

Ms. 菊花达菲
P.O. 抽屉里有1418
(334) 881-2390